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  • Tips for Successful Leadership

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    A webinar presented by the AAWR and SPR

    Moderator: Teresa Victoria, MD, PhD
    Panelists: Susan John, MD, Sarah Milla, MD, Kristin Porter, MD, and Valerie L. Ward, MD, MPH

  • Scientific Session V-C: Neuroradiology

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    Presented at the 2019 SPR Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course

    Scientific Session V-C: Neuroradiology

    CME: 0 CME

    Moderators: HAshok Panigrahy, MD & Hisham Dahmoush, MBBCh

    Keynote Presentation: Immersive Virtual Reality in Pediatric Nuerosurgery - Kurtis Auguste, MD

    Abstract Presentations:

    Paper #: 125

    The utility of the ASL sequence in parenchymal injury of the brain in abusive head trauma (AHT).

    Paper #: 126

    ASL Perfusion Imaging of the Frontal Lobes Predicts the Occurrence and Resolution of Posterior Fossa Syndrome

    Paper #: 127

    Neuroimaging findings in infants with human parechovirus infection

    Paper #: 128

    Longitudinal Brain MRI Characterization of Normal Appearing Zika-exposed children using advanced MRI techniques and Correlations with Neurodevelopmental Outcomes

    Paper #: 129

    Brain Network Architecture Correlates with Seizure-Free Outcome in Children Undergoing Epilepsy Surgery

    Paper #: 130

    Using Connectome Mapping to Define a Target for Deep Brain Stimulation in Paediatric Dystonia

    Paper #: 131

    In the era of mTOR inhibitors for treatment of tuberous sclerosis complex, is MRI surveillance of subependymal giant cell atrocytoma growth reliable without gadolinium?

    Paper #: 132

    Non-inferiority of a non-gadolinium-enhanced MRI follow up protocol for isolated optic pathway gliomas – interim analysis from a multi-reader-multi-case study

    Paper #: 133

    Primary intracranial sarcoma in pediatrics: MRI findings

    Paper #: 134

    Thalamic lesion in Leigh syndrome: An unusual finding mimicking Percheron artery infarct

  • Neuroradiology Workshop

    Contains 4 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Presented at the 2019 SPR Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course

    CME: 3.75


    • Metabolic Disorders in Newborns - Theirry Huisman, MD
    • Pediatric Vascular Imaging in 2019 - Francisco A. Perez, MD, PhD
    • Imaging of Hydrocephalus - Birgit B. Ertl-Wagner, MD, MHBA
    • Hydrocephalus Treatment; Neurosurgery perspective - Nalin Gupta, MD, PhD
  • Nuclear/Oncology - Best Practices- Collaboration and Innovation for Pediatric Nuclear Medicine and Hybrid Imaging Workshop

    Contains 4 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Presented at the 2019 SPR Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course

    CME: 3.75


    • Welcome - Helen Nadel, MD
    • How Nuclear Medicine is Practiced at Children's Hospitals - Victor J. Seghers, MD, PhD
    • Brain PET/MRI for Epilepsy - Best Practices - Hisham Dahmoush, MBBCh
    • Considerations of Pediatric Nuclear Medicine Including PET/MRI - Derrick Gillan, BS, CNMT PET, RT (N)(CT)(MR)
    • Multidisciplinary Approach to Thyroid Cancer-Two Centers experiences - Kara D. Meister, MD
    • Multidisciplinary Approach to Thyroid Cancer-Two Centers experiences - Adina L. Alazraki, MD
    • Clinical Update on Liver Tumors - Arun Rangaswami, MD
    • Lymphoscintigraphy - Adina Alazraki, MD
    • NAT - Sabah Servaes, MD
  • Interventional Radiology Workshop

    Contains 4 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Presented at the 2019 SPR Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course

    CME: 3.75


    • Welcome, Introductions & SAM Overview - Leah E. Braswell, MD
    • HIFU - Karun V. Sharma, MD, PhD
    • Complex Vascular Access IJ & Beyond - Allison S. Aguado, MD
    • Management of Biliary Strictures - Giridhar Shivaram, MD
    • Artifical Intelligence in IR - Matthew P. Lungren, MD
    • Retinoblastoma intra-arterial chemotherapy - Todd Abruzzo, MD
    • Pediatric Thrombolysis with update on management for may-thurner - Patrick Warren, MD
  • Scientific Session VI-C: Informatics/Education/QI/HP

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    Presented at the 2019 SPR Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course

    Scientific Session VI-C: Informatics/Education/QI/HP

    CME: 0 CME

    Moderators: David B. Larson, MD & Michael M. Moore, MD

    Keynote Presentation: The Sacred Work of Caring for Children - Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD, FACR

    Abstract Presentations:

    Paper #: 156

    Walk in My Shoes: Interdepartmental Role Shadowing to Develop Workplace Wellness at a Large Pediatric Radiology Department

    Paper #: 157

    Assessment of Factors Associated with Burnout and Wellness in Pediatric Radiologists

    Paper #: 158

    Gender Representation in Recent SPR-Sponsored Events

    Paper #: 159

    Review of Learning Opportunity Rates: Correlation with Radiologist Assignment, Patient Type, and Exam Priority

    Paper #: 160

    Teaching File: An Extensive Revision to Optimize Integration and Educational Value

    Paper #: 161

    Multifaceted Educational Scaffolding Supports Sub-Specialization in Pediatric Radiology

    Paper #: 162

    RADIAL Learning Management System - One Year Later

    Paper #: 163

    Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Pediatric Radiology: How the Evidence (or, the Lack Thereof) Can Lead Future Research

    Paper #: 164

    Tackling the “black hole” of encounter specific quality improvement data in imaging

    Paper #: 165

    Comparison of Different Weight Groups in Pediatric Trauma Using Split-bolus Single-pass Contrast CT protocol.

  • Scientific Session VI-B: GI

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    Presented at the 2019 SPR Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course

    Scientific Session VI-B: GI

    CME: 0 CME

    Moderators: Govind Chavhan, MD & Ethan A. Smith, MD

    Keynote Presentation: Advanced Imaging is Integral to the Clinical Care of Pediatric Gastrointestinal, Hepatologic, and Pancreatic Diseases - Zachary Sellers, MD, PhD

    Abstract Presentations:

    Paper #: 145

    Abdominal Wall Thickness in Children Correlates with Hepatic Steatosis

    Paper #: 146

    Automated Sonographic Assessment of Fatty Liver in Pediatric Patients

    Paper #: 147

    Biexponential T2* relaxation model for estimation of liver iron concentration in children: A better fit for high liver iron concentrations

    Paper #: 148

    R2-Relaxometry MRI for estimation of Liver Iron Concentration. A comparison between two methods.

    Paper #: 149

    Magnetic Resonance Elastography of the Liver in Children: Variations in Regional Stiffness

    Paper #: 150

    Technical Success Rate of Two-Dimensional Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography in a Large Pediatric and Young Adult Population: A Clinical Effectiveness Study

    Paper #: 151

    Biliary atresia versus other causes of neonatal jaundice: What is the value of Shear Wave Elastography complementing grayscale findings?

    Paper #: 152

    Quantitative assessment of liver stiffness and perfusion using shear wave elastography and dual energy computed tomography in hepatic veno-occlusive disease in rabbit model

    Paper #: 153

    Normal Liver and Pancreas Shear Wave Stiffness in Healthy Children

    Paper #: 154

    Use of Clinical and Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography Parameters for Differentiating Autoimmune Liver Diseases

    Paper #: 155


  • Scientific Session VI-A: MSK

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    Presented at the 2019 SPR Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course

    Scientific Session VI-A: MSK

    CME: 0 CME

    Moderators: Bamidele F. Kammen, MD & Mahesh M. Thapa, MD

    Keynote Presentation: How Advanced Imaging has changed surgical practice in the Age of Sports Specialization - Nirav Pandya, MD

    Abstract Presentations:

    Paper #: 135

    Introduction of Targeted Rapid Knee MRI exam using T2 Shuffling into Clinical Practice: Retrospective Analysis on Image Quality, Cost and Scan Time

    Paper #: 136

    Silent and Distortionless Diffusion MRI

    Paper #: 137

    Novel Functional BOLD MR Imaging Techniques for Assessment of Juvenile Dermatomyositis: Preliminary Results

    Paper #: 138

    MR-HIFU: What the Pediatric Radiologist Should Know

    Paper #: 139

    Intra-Operative Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound of Infant Hips: A Comparison with Post-Operative MRI and Correlation with Development of Femoral Head Avascular Necrosis

    Paper #: 141

    A Multidisciplinary Approach Leads to More Efficient Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Less Use of Contrast Material, and Improved Clinical Outcomes During Musculoskeletal Infection Evaluation

    Paper #: 142

      Value of Functional T2 Map MRI in the Assessment of Early Cartilage Degeneration of Pediatric Patients with Hemophilia

    Paper #: 143

    Role of DWI in detecting early satage of sacroiliac joint lesions in children with enthesitis related arthritis

    Paper #: 144


  • Scientific Session V-B: Cardiovascular

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    Presented at the 2019 SPR Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course

    Scientific Session V-B: Cardiovascular

    CME: 0 CME

    Moderators: Houchun Harry Hu, PhD & Christopher Lam, MD

    Keynote Presentation: Gadolinium Deposition in Children: Should We Worry? - Alexander Radbruch, MD

    Abstract Presentations:

    Paper #: 115

    Morphometry of a tissue engineered vascular graft (TEVG) by multimodality imaging including MRI, intravascular ultrasound and angiography in a translational sheep model

    Paper #: 116

    Intrahepatic Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR Lymphangiography: A New Technique for Visualization of the Central Lymphatics

    Paper #: 117

    Evaluation of Cumulative Perimetric Ratio as Quantitative Index for Degree of Left ventricular Myocardial Trabeculations in Adolescents and Young Adults

    Paper #: 118

    Circumventing Anesthesia in Pediatric Cardiac Patients Considered High-Risk for Anesthesia using Free Breathing CMR

    Paper #: 119

    Non-contrast Flow-independent Relaxation-Enhanced MR Angiography Using Inversion Recovery and T2-Prepared 3D mDIXON Gradient-Echo DIXON Technique: Applications in the Pediatric Population

    Paper #: 120

    Image Quality Assessment of Cardiothoracic Respiratory Motion Compensated Relaxation Enhanced 3D Non-Contrast MRA with Reference to Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced 3D MRA: A Pilot Study

    Paper #: 121

    Highly accelerated cardiorenal 4D flow MRI using 3D cones trajectory

    Paper #: 122

    Multi Echo fLow-encoded Rosette (MELROSE) for Quantitative Assessment of Cardiac and Intravascular T2* and Blood Oxygen Saturation Determination

    Paper #: 123

    Contigious Rosette Echoes iN Single Highly Accelerated Acquistion (CRENSHAA) for Motion Robust and Time Resolved Cardiac and Abdominal T2* Assessment

    Paper #: 124

    Deep learning-based reconstruction of 2D cardiac CINE MRI data

  • 2019 Fetal Imaging Course

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    The SPR 2019 Fetal Imaging Course will be held at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 12-15, 2019. The Society has secured a block of rooms at the Sheraton Philadelphia University City Hotel.

    Meeting Location: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

    3401 Civic Center Blvd.

    Philadelphia, PA 19104

    Hotel Reservations:

    The hotel reservation deadline is 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, August 11, 2019. The group rate will be confirmed based upon availability. It is possible that hotel rooms may sell out prior to the deadline; therefore it is strongly recommended that you make your reservation as early as possible. Reservations made after August 11thwill be taken on a space-available basis and the SPR group rate cannot be guaranteed.

    Hotel Accommodations: 

    Sheraton Philadelphia University City Hotel

    3549 Chestnut Street

    Philadelphia, PA 19104