Scientific Session III-B: MSK

Scientific Session III-B: MSK


Moderators:   John D. Mackenzie, MD & Jie Nguyen, MD

Abstract Presentations:

Paper #: 059

Validation of Automated Analysis of Bone Age from Hand Radiograph

Paper #: 060

Multi-institutional Implementation of an Automated Tool to Predict Pediatric Skeletal Bone Age: How We Did It

Paper #: 061

Cross-validation of two Convolutional Neural Networks for radiographic fracture detection

Paper #: 062

Improved accuracy for tibial fracture identification by a convolutional neural network and transfer learning

Paper #: 063

Improved accuracy for recognition of pediatric long-bone fractures in the setting of variable open growth plates by Convolutional Neural Networks

Paper #: 064

Underappreciated Elbow Fractures: Pediatric Radial Head and Neck Fractures and Additional Fracture Associations

Paper #: 065

Utilizing 3D-Printed Models to Optimize Digital Tomosynthesis for Pediatric Medial Epicondyle Elbow Fractures

Paper #: 066

Long Bone Growth and Skeletal Maturation Patterns of Children with Progeria

Paper #: 067

Can Ultrasound be reliably used to evaluate infants with DDH after age 6 months without the use of plain film radiography?

Paper #: 068

Outcomes Measures Related to Care Process Models in the Evaluation of Infants for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips


Scientific Session III-B: MSK
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