Scientific Session VI-A: MSK

Scientific Session VI-A: MSK


Moderators: Bamidele F. Kammen, MD & Mahesh M. Thapa, MD

Keynote Presentation: How Advanced Imaging has changed surgical practice in the Age of Sports Specialization - Nirav Pandya, MD

Abstract Presentations:

Paper #: 135

Introduction of Targeted Rapid Knee MRI exam using T2 Shuffling into Clinical Practice: Retrospective Analysis on Image Quality, Cost and Scan Time

Paper #: 136

Silent and Distortionless Diffusion MRI

Paper #: 137

Novel Functional BOLD MR Imaging Techniques for Assessment of Juvenile Dermatomyositis: Preliminary Results

Paper #: 138

MR-HIFU: What the Pediatric Radiologist Should Know

Paper #: 139

Intra-Operative Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound of Infant Hips: A Comparison with Post-Operative MRI and Correlation with Development of Femoral Head Avascular Necrosis

Paper #: 141

A Multidisciplinary Approach Leads to More Efficient Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Less Use of Contrast Material, and Improved Clinical Outcomes During Musculoskeletal Infection Evaluation

Paper #: 142

  Value of Functional T2 Map MRI in the Assessment of Early Cartilage Degeneration of Pediatric Patients with Hemophilia

Paper #: 143

Role of DWI in detecting early satage of sacroiliac joint lesions in children with enthesitis related arthritis

Paper #: 144



Scientific Session VI-A: MSK
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