Scientific Session VI-C: Informatics/Education/QI/HP

Scientific Session VI-C: Informatics/Education/QI/HP


Moderators: David B. Larson, MD & Michael M. Moore, MD

Keynote Presentation: The Sacred Work of Caring for Children - Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD, FACR

Abstract Presentations:

Paper #: 156

Walk in My Shoes: Interdepartmental Role Shadowing to Develop Workplace Wellness at a Large Pediatric Radiology Department

Paper #: 157

Assessment of Factors Associated with Burnout and Wellness in Pediatric Radiologists

Paper #: 158

Gender Representation in Recent SPR-Sponsored Events

Paper #: 159

Review of Learning Opportunity Rates: Correlation with Radiologist Assignment, Patient Type, and Exam Priority

Paper #: 160

Teaching File: An Extensive Revision to Optimize Integration and Educational Value

Paper #: 161

Multifaceted Educational Scaffolding Supports Sub-Specialization in Pediatric Radiology

Paper #: 162

RADIAL Learning Management System - One Year Later

Paper #: 163

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Pediatric Radiology: How the Evidence (or, the Lack Thereof) Can Lead Future Research

Paper #: 164

Tackling the “black hole” of encounter specific quality improvement data in imaging

Paper #: 165

Comparison of Different Weight Groups in Pediatric Trauma Using Split-bolus Single-pass Contrast CT protocol.


Scientific Session VI-C: Informatics/Education/QI/HP
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