SPR REF Research in Action

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  • Towards Pediatric Body MR without Anesthesia - Michael "Miki" Lustig, PhD
  • Education Project Grant - “Facilitating a Pediatric Radiology Curriculum in the Global Health Setting Using Tablet Computers” - Jennifer L. Nicholas, MD, MHA
  • Education Project Grant - “Pediatric Cardiovascular CT: A Faculty Development Initiative” - Lorna P. Browne, MD
  • Seed Grant  - “Feasibility of contrast-enhanced transfontanelle ultrasound: comparison with magnetic resonance imaging in the neonate" - Judy H. Squires, MD
  • Young Investigator - “In vivo Tau Imaging using 18F-AV-1451 PET Radioligand in a Swine Model of Closed Head Injury” - Stephen Voss, MD
  • Multi-Institutional Pilot Award - “Determination of Normal Liver Stiffness by MR Elastography in Children” - Andrew Trout, MD


SPR REF Research in Action
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